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Our Patients

The team of Small Creatures Pet Clinic strives to provide complete care for our patients. Our veterinarians in Langley can treat a variety of animals including:

Little Dogs Specialty Care
Pocket pets (rodents including hamsters, guinea pigs etc.)
Group of pets

Vet Care for All Kinds of Animals in Langley

Small Creatures Pet Clinic strives to provide preventative treatment and regular check-ups for your small mammals and other exotic pets. We also take care of exotic pets in case they have behavioural and other health issues.

  • Why Is It Critical to Maintain Your Dog’s Weight?
    Obesity in dogs is a common issue, as it is easy to overfeed a dog who knows how to plead to its owner. Obesity is a severe issue for animals, and it can lead to serious consequences as they age. All dogs must meet their dietary demands and maintain a healthy weight range with proper diet and exercise. The best method to ensure that your dog's needs are satisfied is to speak with us about a custom diet tailored to your pet's lifestyle. Our specialists will assist your pet in overcoming excessive weight gain issues and will advise you on suitable dietary choices.
  • When Is It Important to Change a Diet?
    Dogs should get a proper and healthy diet based on aspects such as stage of life, breed, size, level of physical activity, and health issues. When dogs reach a new life stage, they need dietary changes. For example, a puppy needs nutrition transitioning as he grows into a complete adult and then to a senior. Also, if your dog has any problems that could be cured with a prescription diet, such as obesity or food allergy, dietary changes may be suggested.
  • How Are Diet and Nutrition Helpful for Your Dog?
    We'll assist you in making the necessary dietary changes for your dogs so that they can continue to live long and healthy lives. The following issues can be reduced or even eliminated with a healthy diet and good nutrition: Dog allergies Scratching and itching Dull coat Arthritis Hip and joint problems Intestinal disorders Supplements for your dog's skin and coat are an excellent method to keep them feeling great. Dogs may benefit from arthritis and joint supplements as they get older.

Call us for further details on what to do if your exotic pet has a serious medical emergency after our regular operating hours.

Exotic Animals We Treat

We are committed to providing professional and compassionate veterinarian treatment for all exotic pets, including:


Canaries, and other birds

Amphibians and Reptiles

Turtles and tortoises
And others

Exotic Mammals

Guinea pigs
Pot-bellied pigs
Sugar gliders
And others

The Importance of Regular Wellness Exams

When it comes to the health of your exotic pet, regular wellness exams are crucial. Having him/her looked at by us will benefit your exotic friend in countless ways. These exams reveal the early stages of diseases, enabling us to address them with a greater probability of success and less extensive treatments. Routine wellness exams allow you to keep up with vaccinations, deworming and heartworm prevention strategies, which improve the quality of life of any pet, whether it is a bird, mammal, amphibian, or reptile. In addition to that, regularly inspecting your exotic pet or mammal allows us to craft detailed health, wellness and nutrition plans tailored to their unique needs. To learn more about exotic pet health in Langley or book an exam, please contact us.

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