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Pet Insurance for Peace of Mind

At Small Creatures Pet Clinic, we recommend getting Trupanion Pet Insurance. Alas, half of all pets will experience a major injury or illness in their lifetime. If you are faced with unexpected veterinary bills, you may be forced to make a tough decision between your pet’s health and your family’s budget. Having pet insurance in place can help save the day. We appreciate insurance is a personal choice; we can offer our insights on the best coverage for our clients.

Protect Your Pet

Ensure the longevity and continued happiness of your four-legged friend. Our team can help optimize their health.

Small Creatures Pet Clinic Endorses Trupanion for the Following Reasons:

One simple plan
90% coverage
No payout limits
Hereditary and congenital conditions are covered
Includes surgeries, diagnostic tests, medications, and clinic stays
The plan covers ½ of the cost of therapeutic pet food and discounts your premium after 2 months of coverage
Includes working pets (service, therapy, and breeding cats and dogs)
Optional add-ons cover hip dysplasia, acupuncture and hydrotherapy, as well as behavioural modification/training/therapy

If pet insurance feels right for you, we encourage visitors to visit the Trupanion website to receive a quote. If you have any additional questions about the welfare of your pet, please feel free to get a hold of our team. Call or send a message today.

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