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Compassionate Animal Euthanasia in Langley

A pet's euthanasia is one of the saddest parts of being both a pet owner and a worker at a veterinary clinic. Pets bring us so much joy and it's devastating to see them leaving. Dr. Snyder and his team understand the influence this incident can have on people’s lives, and so, Small Creatures Pet Clinic provides 24-hour emergency service to deal with any tragedy your pet may be experiencing. For humane animal euthanasia, kindly contact our clinic. We provide outside work calling services whenever needed to ease your pet’s pain. Abrupt trauma or the influence of a lingering disease can occur at any time, and there’s never a convenient time for your beloved members to be sick.

Dealing with the Emotional Impact

The intimacy that people have with their pets has cemented the significance of this service that we can provide for you. It is very crucial for people to have a sense of relief and peace; often, that they can get within the privacy of their home, where they can say the last goodbye to their pets without any interruptions. Every incident is quite personal and we remain respectful of your needs all the time.

We believe that obtaining some information can help you make the hard decisions about your precious pet's end of life from old age, terminal illness, or catastrophic injury. If you have any queries regarding enthusiast or crisis care, we will take the time to discuss with you in person handout that addresses all aspects and issues surrounding euthanasia, procedures, and your after-care choices.

Kindly reach out to us to address any concerns you may have. Small Creatures Pet Clinic will be here to respond to all your concerns and to help alleviate any stress you may be experiencing.

End of Life Care


Deciding to euthanize a pet is very hard. We are here to talk about the options available and help you in any way we can during the challenging time.


Euthanasia is often known as putting to sleep or putting down. Many pet owners are faced with a difficult choice when their pets suffer and are nearing the end of their life.


There are a variety of beautiful ways to honour your cherished pet. Cremation is a great way to remember and respect their lives.


It is quite painful to face the end of a pet's life. We want to make the procedure as easy as possible for you by providing cremation services as a way to remember and commemorate your treasured pet's life.

Burial Services

There are lovely ways to honour your cherished animal friend. A beautiful way to respect and commemorate their life is to bury them.


Coping with a pet's death is never easy, and we understand that making a decision regarding your pet's aftercare is tough. We hope to make the process more convenient by providing burial services as a way to commemorate and celebrate your precious pet's life.

Protect Your Pet

Ensure the longevity and continued happiness of your four-legged friend. Our team can help optimize their health.

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