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Laboratory Services

Diagnostic testing can help us detect disease states in your pet. These tests may be particularly useful when ‘clinical signs’ (aka ‘symptoms’ in humans) are vague or difficult to interpret.


Unfortunately, pets are sometimes unable to communicate if/where they are hurting, and a seemingly healthy animal may be hiding sickness or infection (cats especially). To identify any issues and initiate medication as soon as possible, we might suggest veterinary diagnostic tests.

Please understand that Dr. Snyder will not make diagnostic recommendations for your pet if he wouldn’t suggest the same for his own pet.

Diagnostic Bloodwork/Urinalysis

‘Small Creatures’ routinely provides diagnostic bloodwork and urine testing to assess a pet’s health and organ function, and to identify potential disease or infection. They allow us insight into the health of your pet, and may detect early disease. We use the services of ‘True North Veterinary Diagnostics’ located here in Langley. All results are reviewed and commented on by a ‘board-certified veterinary pathologist’, and Dr. Snyder. We will always call you with results, in an effort to decrease your anxiety and allow input into ‘the next step’.

shallow focus photography of white and brown cat


When pets become ill or suffer trauma, we may use radiographs (x-rays) to detect a range of illnesses or injuries.

Ultrasounds/Echocardiograms/CT Scans

When it comes to analyzing a pet’s cardiac issues, internal organs, cysts and tumours, pregnancy diagnosis, etc., an ultrasound may be a valuable tool. We use the services of a ‘board-certified’ veterinary radiologist, who comes to our facility. Recently, this individual can also offer us ‘outpatient CT scans’ at his facility in Langley. This price now mimics that of the ultrasound/echocardiogram.

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In case you are concerned about your pet’s health, please contact us to schedule a medical examination. Let our dedicated team at Small Creatures Pet Clinic provide the exceptional care your furry family members deserve!