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Cat Health Care in Langley

Without doubt, our cats hold a special place as our cherished companions. Small Creatures Pet Clinic offers a comprehensive range of feline veterinary services and health care, including regular check-ups, vaccinations, dentistry, and more, all tailored to maintain your beloved feline’s health and well-being.

Our veterinarian will begin by asking a series of thoughtful questions (the history or ‘signalment’). We will then carry out a ‘wellness exam’; this might just be the most important part of the visit, and quite possibly the most important ‘health event’ of your cat’s entire year!

Before proceeding with any diagnostics or treatments, we usually pause to discuss what makes the most sense, based on cost, age of the cat, projected outcomes, and so many other factors. We believe that best outcomes are achieved when client and veterinarian work together to form a plan, and then co-operatively work together to carry it out.

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Microchipping and Tattoos


Pet ID chips and tattoos are a dependable method of reuniting pets with their owners. Microchipping and tattoos are a risk-free, simple, and low-cost method of providing owners with invaluable peace of mind.

33% of all pets become lost at least once in their lifetime.

Canadian Veterinary Journal Volume 40, July 1999

Spay & Neuter


Neutering or spaying cats can extend their life, mitigate behaviour issues and reduce the number of unwanted cats on the street. As with dogs, further, individualized discussion may be useful.



Dental check-ups and cleanings should be done regularly to protect your cat from various health issues and help them maintain good oral health.

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The importance of preventive treatment in maintaining your cat’s health cannot be overstated, and vaccination is essential in protecting your cat from contagious, often fatal disease.
We think that one of the essential aspects of preserving your cat’s health is preventive care, and vaccines are an integral part of this.

The Benefits of Pet Vaccinations

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Available Feline Vaccinations

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Other Services

Our staff attends to your pet friend’s well-being and also advises you on nutrition, vaccination sessions and the common pitfalls to watch for. As pet owners ourselves, when discussing insurance options or euthanasia, we appreciate the joys and sorrows related to owning a cat; as such, we strive to support your requirements in the best way possible. Our services cover the following:

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If the well-being of your cat is your concern, please schedule an appointment today. of unwanted dogs on the streets.
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A Note on Sedation

Veterinary sedation is a valuable method for easing anxiety in pets, especially during stressful medical procedures. It ensures a calmer experience for both pets and their owners. At Small Creatures Pet Clinic, we emphasize minimal stress for optimal treatment outcomes. Sedation, carefully overseen by our veterinarians, involves a preliminary “loading” dose the night before, followed by another dose shortly before the appointment. This approach helps anxious or aggressive pets arrive relaxed, benefiting both the animals and their owners.

We understand the emotional strain pet stress can place on you, including feelings of guilt. Our team is committed to supporting you through challenging situations, working together to manage your pet’s fear and ensure a positive experience.