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Protect Your Pet

Ensure the longevity and continued happiness of your four-legged friend. Our team can help optimize their health.

Your Reliable and Experienced Veterinarian Clinic in Langley

We Treat Them Like Our Own!

At Small Creatures Pet Clinic, we nurture your pets and value them as much as you do. Your pet's health and well-being are very valuable to us. We will take every possible step to ensure that your pet receives the best care. We have created a warm and inviting clinic and provide a highly welcoming atmosphere with excellent pet care. We have wonderful and friendly staff members with state-of-the-art facilities, free wifi and of course, a blanket for a cold puppy or owner. Our clinic is all about being thoughtful, caring and fun!

Dr. Jim Snyder with a puppy

Why Choose
Small Creatures Pet Clinic in Langley?

Our team has years of experience and the right training to tackle all kinds of pet-related health concerns.
Comprehensive services:
Our veterinary services in Langley are designed to cover all of your pet's needs, from health treatments to nutrition
Hassle-free experience:
We try our hardest to provide you and your pet with a comfortable environment and hassle-free services

For any questions please call our veterinarian clinic in Langley!

Vet with dog and cat

Modern Facility

Our veterinarian clinic in Langley maintains an open-door policy that encourages frequent visits. We have the facilities to treat and diagnose your pet on-site, and offer a full range of veterinary services for your convenience. This includes immediate admission, X-rays, and laboratory work.

Vet with dog and cat

Attentive Service

From scheduling the required appointments to delivering the lab results to reporting hospitalized pets’ status, we’ll keep you updated on your pet’s status while under our supervision.

Hand of a veterinarian in a protective glove holding a paw of his patient during while working at veterinary clinic

Personalized Care

Not only are your pets part of your family, but we also consider them part of ours. We work with you to determine what makes the most sense for your pet’s specific circumstances. Our professionals customize the vaccine protocol to you and your pet’s health and lifestyle.

Christina – Veterinary Hospital Assistant with a puppy

Your Local Resource for Information

Whether you’re looking for recommended pet foods or selecting the right type of insurance, Small Creatures Pet Clinic is the best veterinary clinic in Langley and your source for helpful information and honest advice.


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